Is road safety enough? We also need to watch out in the kitchen. A lot of accidents take place in the bathroom, followed by the kitchen. A simple railing helps. Plus checking the wiring and not toching wires when your hands are wet and not wearing slippers.

On the road we can acheive so much by not hurrying and not expecting working on our behalf to hurry either. Its very easy to be dazzled by the 4 hour delivery promise (shops in same town), next day by other merchants, 45 minutes for food ... but at what price? How can they meet these deadlines unless they speed on the roads?

Excerpt from an article by Shubhangi Tambwekar, mums and stories Please note that children learn by observing parents. The so called ‘ educated’ people ride without helmets, jump signals, use cell phones during driving or riding. It is easy to get license in India. You just need to start the vehicle and move it forward, brake, change use clutch and park. Nobody really cares about how you do it. Parents sit behind their underage children when they drive. What kind of message do you give your child when you do all this? There is a lot of data in the public domain. We read about accidents everyday in the newspaper and over 95 % of accidents are entirely preventable. It is not is negligence, overconfidence and lack of respect for human life.